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dear followers,

i’ve noticed that people tend to unfollow me when i post about race, trans issues, and intersectional feminist theory in general. but i lose the most at a time when i post about race.

so i’d like to clear a few things up: if you started following me because you like the photos i post, that’s fine. if you started following me because you liked the text/music posts i make (very rarely), that’s fine.

but if you think i’m posting “too much” about things that pertain to my life on the daily (i am a Filipino-Canadian woman that has experienced racism at all stages in my life and will deal with it for the rest of my lifetime), then unfollow me. NOW.

if you think i’m being “preachy” then you need to fall back and realize that i am not trying to educate any of you. i genuinely post everything for myself. the ~serious posts~ are there so i can refer to them and know that my anger towards white supremacy, patriarchy, kyriarchy, capitalism, colonialism, and the systems that have actively oppressed me, my family, my ancestors, and people of color all over the world, is a justified and rational response. my struggle is not a lonely one, women of color womanist/feminist bloggers have been talking about their gripes with white (see: mainstream) feminism for FOREVER.

my tumblr is merely a stream of consciousness, where i log things that i find beautiful, ugly, and important to me. i am not doing any of this for any of you.

and if that’s a problem for you, then bye bitch.