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Miranda Hutton’s The Rooms Project documents the space left behind by children who have passed away. 

I began to contemplate the significance that spaces and objects gain once people leave…

What are the most interesting things you observed while working on the project?
One is that a lot of them end up being places where suitcases and things like that are stored, which felt quite symbolic as it connotes moving on. Then there’s the purple room which I photographed four years ago and felt like things hadn’t moved on yet, at the time. It felt like it was still hurting quite a lot—the way it was kept so immaculate. But there are other rooms in which you are almost able to see that things are moving on. Like the orange room, which the mother had started using as an art studio…there’s a sort of universality in the way people hold onto things in early stages of grief and then slowly let go of them. My photographs represent one moment in a very long grieving process.

Interview taken from vice.com

Clockwise from the top: Died 8 years ago (2004), 4 years ago (2005), 11 years ago (2005)