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It’s not that your life has been easy, per se, it’s just that certain hardships have been absent—hardships that affect other groups in ways that are most likely invisible to you. You’re not personally being blamed for anything, nor is anyone asking you to abandon your own interests and concerns. You’re simply being asked to acknowledge and help dismantle a system that is rigged in your favor, because it’s the right thing to do. Opportunity is not a limited resource—other people having stuff does not mean you don’t get to have stuff …

… And we can tell that you aren’t really subjugated, because if you were you would be coming to us, the supposed dominant group, for help—just like we’re forced to come to you, groveling, and beg for our reproductive rights, marriage rights, and equal pay for equal work. Instead, you’re insulting and alienating us and trying to shove us back down where we “belong.” Women and people of color and LGBT Americans have the right to complain because we’ve fucking earned it. And we’re kind of busy here, working on a project called ‘equality.’ Let me know when you’re done flipping out over losing 1% of your privilege. We could use your help.